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Basic knowledge of LED and epoxy adhesive
Nov 01, 2016

1, the effect of surface adhesive glue (SMA surface, Mount Adhesives) for wave soldering and reflow soldering, mainly used to affix the components on a printed circuit board, generally with the stencil printing or dispensing method to distribute, to keep the components on the printed circuit board (PCB) on the position, ensure that components are not transmitted in in the process of assembly line loss. Paste components into the oven or reflow soldering machine heating hardening. It is not the same with the solder paste, heated after hardening, then heating does not melt, that is to say, the heat hardening process of adhesive is not reversible. The use effect of SMT patch can be different due to the heat curing condition, the connection, the equipment used and the operating environment. According to the production process to select the patch adhesive.

2, the composition of the patch adhesive PCB assembly in the use of most of the surface patch adhesive (SMA) are epoxy resin (epoxies), although there are polypropylene (acrylics) for special purposes. After the introduction of high speed glue system and electronic industry master how to deal with a relatively short shelf life products, epoxy resin has become more mainstream glue technology in the world. Epoxy resin generally provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of circuit boards and has excellent electrical properties. Main ingredients: base material (i.e., the main body of high molecular material), filler, curing agent, other additives, etc..