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Depth interpretation of the lighting of the lamps and waterproof and waterproof test in the international standard how to apply
Nov 30, 2016

IEC60529 is the standard document of the International Technical Committee for the protection of equipment in the case and the enclosure. Standard Test Method for the protection of the so-called Standard Test Method for the proximity of dangerous parts, usually with the IP code to indicate.

IP code is a coding system used to specify the enclosure for dangerous parts of the proximity, the external solid goal of entering and water into the level of protection, and gives information about the degree of protection. IP code is generally composed of four digit code. For example, IP23CH, where IP is the international protection code letters; 2 is the first feature of digital indicator is on, casing protection grade close to dangerous parts and external solid targets enter, can be represented by 0 to 6 numbers, can be used to replace the X without this feature; 3 second characteristics of the number, point to the door water immersion, can be represented by 0 to 8 numbers, this feature can also be used to replace the X; C for additional letters, indicating the protection grade, close to the dangerous parts of available A, B, C, D four letters, but this can be ignored; H the letters, you can use the H, M, S, W four letters, can be ignored. In this paper, we focus on the IP code in the first and second features.

The first feature number can be 0 to seven 6 digits to identify, we can ignore the second characters, as well as additional letters and letters, and IP0X~IP6X. In the IEC60529 standard, for the protection of each grade has to do a specific description: IP0X - IP1X - no protection; for more than 50mm the diameter of the external solid protection; IP2X = 12.5mm for external solid protection; IP3X for more than 2.5mm the diameter of the external solid protection; IP4X for more than 1.0mm in diameter solid external protection; IP5X - IP6X - with protection against dust; dust is closely.

For the IEC60529 standard about dust testing has involved in the relevant international and domestic standards, such as IEC60598 lighting general safety and the standards required in article 2.3 in accordance with the requirements of the dustproof and classification of solid particles of dust lamps; test method for electric and electronic products mentioned GB2423.37-89 basic environmental testing procedures; standard shell protection grade GB/T4942.2-93 and low-voltage electrical appliances; test standard GB7000.1-1996 and GB7001-1986 lamps general requirements, these standards are usually only required to do IP5X and IP6X tests.