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LED chip manufacturing process and testing project analysis
Nov 27, 2016

Chip is the most critical LED raw material, its quality is good or bad, directly determines the performance of LED. In particular, the high-end LED for automotive or solid-state lighting equipment, there is absolutely no flaw, that is, the reliability of such equipment must be very high. However, LED packaging factory because of lack of experience and the incoming inspection device chip chip, usually no incoming inspection, in the purchase of unqualified chips, often can only eat yabakui. Gold detection in the accumulation of a large number of LED failure analysis based on the case, the introduction of LED chip incoming inspection business, through the use of high-end analytical instruments to identify the pros and cons of the chip. This service could be used as a complement to the incoming inspection LED packaging factory / chip agent factory, to prevent defective chip chip storage, avoid the quality problems caused by the overall loss of the lamp.

Test item:

The performance parameters of the chip test

Wd (main wavelength), Iv (brightness), Vf (forward voltage), Ir (leakage), ESD (antistatic ability) photoelectric performance test chip, Jin Jian as the third party inspection agencies to whether the product data provided by the supplier identification standard.

Two, chip defects find

Detection content:

1 chip size measurement, chip size and the size of the electrode is in line with the requirements, the pattern of the electrode is complete.

2 there are defects in the chip, such as solder joint contamination, damage of the solder joints, grain breakage, the size of the grain cutting, the inclination of the grain cutting and so on.