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Minister of the Ministry of science and technology: former deputy acceleration from a manufacturing power to power lighting lighting industry
Nov 23, 2016
Cao Jianlin pointed out that in the blink of an eye, Chinese International Semiconductor Lighting Forum has gone through 13 years, in these 13 years, the development of semiconductor lighting technology, semiconductor technology industry development, especially the development of semiconductor lighting industry R & D and China, change, an obvious to people. Many old friends, is that these changes and witness the development of participants, but also the most powerful, can be said to have been from the sparks of fire 13 years ago, developed into today's Liaoyuanzhishi, in the world also formed a huge influence. China saying "one year spent similar, different people of different age or years, now a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is creating new opportunities for the development of history, environment and conditions at home and abroad, profound changes have taken place in the industrial development, is also facing the new situation and new starting point, can we stand at a new historical starting point, from the international situation, the world economy has entered a big adjustment, big transition period, the world economy in the depth of the adjustment in the tortuous recovery, growth force, financial market turmoil and instability, Global trade downturn, emerging economies face the difficulties and risks are significantly increased in developed countries faced with many difficulties, the world multi polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, social informationization development in depth, on the other hand frankly also encountered enormous resistance , especially since the most recent.