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Original green era Shanghai New Lighting Forum held
Nov 22, 2016

The seventh Shanghai international new light source and new energy lighting forum was held in Shanghai from May 13th to 15. The theme of this forum is to create a new era of green lighting, designed to promote the healthy and orderly development of LED lighting terminal application market.

The forum is organized by the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and Industry Alliance and reed China company, R & D and Industry Alliance, national semiconductor lighting project of Shanghai Optoelectronic Industry Association and other units, China lighting society new energy lighting Specialized Committee, China Association of lighting semiconductor lighting Specialized Committee and other units.

The forum has set up a special application of "new light & new energy lighting, by the Taiwan science and Technology University / Institute of lighting Chinese new energy lighting seminar in association with the Specialized Committee, including LED, electrodeless fluorescent lamps, ceramic metal halide lamp source and related the status quo and development trend of solar photovoltaic lighting, lighting and scenery complementary electric complementary lighting, especially with the application of the problem and new light source.

Professor Xiao Hongqing of Taiwan University of science and technology at the forum pointed out that for a long time, the domestic LED market competition order is not established, the malignant price and quality uneven, resulting in poor credit market, LED lighting market is good but not necessarily popular embarrassing situation, so the sound development of LED technology, improve product reliability, strengthen the components can be compatible with the convenience of the exchange of different manufacturers to reduce its size differences caused by the maintenance difficulties, to gain the trust of consumers and improve the market sales, is a tool for LED lighting applications and open market success. With the LED lighting product prices fell because of market competition, the next five years the development of LED lighting will focus on strengthening the reliability of the product, and can create high practical value and profit of intelligent control, in the comfortable and convenient maintenance of the lighting market demand, a LED lighting market popularity - the core problem of the driving circuit and the module the interface between specifications and standard of the integration of light, the first step is rather urgent and important.

This forum is very good lighting of the new light source and new energy exists in the application of the problem, and insight into the future development of green lighting technology and application trends, in addition to the development of LED lighting industry is analyzed, has an important guiding role.