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Shanghai to push the country's first night park lighting standards
Oct 28, 2016

    24 hours open to the outside world, or to extend the opening hours, in Shanghai, such a night park is increasing. As the lighting facilities within the park, how to do to increase the brightness to ensure that visitors are safe, and not to harm the plant? Post reporter recently from the city by the ecological and cultural associations, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, city landscape affairs center sponsored "international LED light source and plant lighting technology forum" was informed that at present, Shanghai has started brewing formulation Guoneishoubu night park lighting standards, to ensure the safety of the garden, and can reflect the city park green elegant and quality.

    Open park at night has been 89

    Data from the municipal greening and City Management Bureau show that at present, the number of open park in Shanghai at night has reached 89, of which, the implementation of the day open park number 21. According to Shanghai park management department responsible person, mainly in the open day of the traditional garden park, more emphasis on its function in the general design of bridges, winding streets, more about sightseeing, landscape function, and because there is no consideration to open at night, there are few lighting layout. "But as more park is becoming more and more open at night, lighting facilities must also be synchronized with.