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Third the 2017 Shanghai international automobile lamps and lanterns exhibition and the twelfth automobile lamps and lanterns industry development technology forum (ALE)
Oct 08, 2016

    In order to promote the development and progress of the automobile lamps and lanterns industry chain for the purpose, is committed to building the best car lamp industry exchange platform. Shanghai animal husbandry company to work very Chinese Committee of the international automotive lighting Expert Committee (C - GTB), held China automotive technology and research center of the third Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition & the twelfth automobile industry development technology forum will be on March 2017 30-31 Sheng Dakai act.

    ALE as the only focus on the development of the automobile industry, lighting communication and display platform, we will invite 300 industry leaders to show you the representative products, 80 OEMs lighting experts throughout the guide, more GTB president led a delegation to international standards, more than 20000 professional site view is the highest temple of friction, technology exchange, perfect platform product display.

Organizer: Shanghai Animal Husbandry Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

China Committee of the international automotive lighting Expert Committee

Standardization Institute of China Automotive Technology Research Center

Exhibition and forum Venue: Shanghai international sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition and forum time: March 2017 30-31

Participating enterprises type: vehicle factory, domestic and foreign car lamp company, light source company, material company, equipment company, testing company, etc.