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2017 LED Lighting Market Reached $33 Billion 100 Million, LED Lighting Penetration Rate Reached 52%
Nov 03, 2016

Lighting market in the United States

Strong dollar policy makes the United States to become the global demand for LED lighting products engine, the global production of products have become relatively cheap. It is expected that this trend will still affect the U.S. market in 2016. At the same time, in order to maintain the industrial development, the United States is promoting the local assembly of LED lighting lamps, will better meet the local market demand, expand the market size.

Major U.S. manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, LED lighting products accounted for rising, LED commercial lighting / engineering lighting demand is strong in the United States market development. Among them, Troffer, flat lights, tunnel lights, patio lights market demand for the most rapid growth, and gradually began to intelligent and optical communications and other new applications development.

In addition, the four special commercial lighting market, including plant lighting, medical surgical lighting, ocean shipping and port lighting and intelligent lighting, is gradually being concerned by the market. Plant lighting market medical marijuana legal benefit, and use of marijuana in Colorado, Washington, open entertainment, saw the wave Tao Jin Chao entrepreneurs and lighting system manufacturers are eager for a fight.

Southeast Asian lighting market

Southeast Asia LED lighting in recent years, strong growth, the traditional lighting of the replacement is also gradually strengthened. Although 2015 is the overall impact of the economic environment, the growth rate slowed down, but it is expected that the next few years, along with the policy incentives and replacement demand, LED lighting penetration and Southeast Asian imports will continue to increase, Southeast Asia is becoming the main destination China manufacturers export LED lighting products.