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LED Spotlights The Development Of
Jun 12, 2017

The development of LED spotlight Lens has led to the development of optical mould, and the quality of mould structure directly affects the control of injection process and product cost. The structure of a LED spotlight Lens dies is analyzed, aiming at the problem that the mould runner is too long, waste raw material and influence the parameters of injection molding process, the objective factors of the mould structure are analyzed, a new nozzle structure is designed, the positioning ring and gate sleeve are made into the whole structure, and the mould structure is optimized according to the injector of injection moulding machine. The optimized die shortens the length of the main channel and reduces the cost and difficulty of adjusting the machine. After being put into production, it is proved that its structure is efficient and stable and reliable.

1. 1 product process and die structure analysis

Fig. 1 describes the structure optimization of this kind of mould by using the lens of a class MMX mm spotlights. The largest installation of the product diameter of Bian 35 mm, the total height of mm, the overall quality of 8 g, the smallest wall thickness is only 0. MM, the largest wall thickness about one mm. Products on both sides and center have openings, and the optical surface, are not suitable for the opening of the gate, so can only choose the side of the gate. Because the overall quality of the product is small, considering the utilization ratio and production efficiency of the injection molding machine, a die eight cavities are opened. LED Spotlights The split surface is selected at the maximum mounting edge and can be arranged around the mounting ring. The product surface has the high optics request, therefore chooses the polishing performance extremely good Sian 136. Because the material cost is high, and the product has the commonness, in order to be able to share the purpose of the mould frame, it is important to choose the structure form of the forming part as a whole. The customer has the request, LED Spotlights only chooses the cold runner mold to control the mold cost.

The gating system has a design principle that the gating system should be as short as possible. The main channel length is the thickness of the template and the best length is not more than the MM. Therefore, the hole of the locating circle is opened into the cone hole, the main stream small end sank to the lowest, can be fixed modular block plate in the length of the main road to omit, LED Spotlights but the mainstream channel length is still around mm.

Long runner Mold has many drawbacks, mainly reflected in the following 2 aspects.

(1) Waste of raw materials. In the mold cost control, the raw material control is a very big part, but for the cold runner mold, the raw material's main waste manifests in the pouring system the condensate material. The main path of the small end diameter is the nozzle diameter constant

The taper is determined by the fluidity of the material. The diameter of the shunt channel will also be affected by the mainstream channel. LED Spotlights So in the case of mass production

, the main channel length is a big waste of material.

(2) The flow ratio of the large impact on injection molding process parameters, increase the difficulty of testing. The three technological parameters of mold forming are time and temperature

Degrees and pressure. LED Spotlights Temperature includes mold temperature and material temperature, the temperature of the mild mold is mainly determined by the viscosity of the material, and the runner

Structure has a relatively small impact on it. Molding time, injection time and cooling time are mainly influenced by the size, thickness, mold temperature and gate number of the product. But the injection pressure is largely affected by the length of the runner. LED Spotlights Using p to indicate injection pressure, 7 "/denotes material constants (generally 0. 15. 36), the formula (1) shows that the injection pressure and the flow length are proportional, LED Spotlights the flow length increases, the required injection pressure also increases correspondingly. Injection, the general use of medium pressure injection, because too high injection pressure is easy to overload the machine, will make the injection molding machine too much energy consumption, increase injection costs.