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Analysis Of LED Lighting Demand And Design Points In Different Area Of Shopping Mall
Nov 28, 2016

Shopping mall lighting is considered to be one of the most mature and rapid field in LED application. Shopping mall is not only the place to buy goods, but also to create a suitable environment for leisure, lighting effects do not have the power, LED lighting has a strong advantage in the performance of. But LED can be in the mall lighting market has a greater need to be based on the specific lighting environment and consumer demand for human nature, to refine the various performance parameters of each product and its lighting effects.

The lighting design of shopping mall is the purchase behavior, in the browsing and selection process, according to the requirements of customers and visual characteristics, different kinds of goods for each commodity space, scientific design, in order to make the customer feel comfortable visual effect.

At the same time, reasonable illuminance (known as brightness), good color reproduction, suitable brightness distribution, and comfortable visual environment; lighting through reasonable design, can put the customer's attention to the goods, to create a comfortable shopping environment, stimulate consumer desire to buy. This article will mainly focus on the different areas of shopping malls lighting requirements and design points for analysis.