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Analysis Of The Developing Situation Of Chinese LED Plant Lighting
May 11, 2016

Plant lighting as a new market, its market penetration is low, compared with the hundreds of millions of general lighting output can only be used "hut" to describe it. Domestic sales market LED plant lights are currently concentrated in Japan, and Korea, Central America, Europe and other countries and areas where less people engaged in agriculture.
It is understood that the lighting plant is mainly used for plants factories, plants, landscape lighting and breeding in three areas. Plant lighting plant factory is the most major markets. It is reported that the United States scientists planning to build plant factories skyscrapers, said factory building this plant, as long as the build 5, you can meet millions of people eating, simply incredible.
Although breeding lighting market has great potential, but so far the market has not been developed. Lighting is mainly used in breeding LED fluorescent tubes, but the biggest difficulty is that the current promotion of cognitive change.