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China's LED Program To Open A New Era Of Lighting
Sep 27, 2016

Chinese manufacturing to upgrade to China to create, and to the international market, the Chinese standard must first. After nearly ten years of painstaking research and development, LED industry has finally ushered in the Chinese standard.

2015 state science and Technology Award in 2016 January awards ceremony held in the Great Hall of the people. According to the analysis, the first high-profile technology invention is expected to flowers "high efficiency silicon substrate GaN based blue light emitting diode" project (hereinafter referred to as the "silicon substrate project"). The main participants of silicon substrate project sun Qian told reporters yesterday, from the national strategic level, the silicon substrate technology is the technology with independent intellectual property rights in China, can build Chinese completely independent of the LED industry.

Sapphire substrate technology tied with silicon substrate technology, LED three technology has won the 2014 Nobel prize in physics. There are industrial economists said that in the context of the continued decline in costs, the silicon substrate technology should be able to get the capital sought after, LED industry is expected to reshape the pattern.