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Cross Border Integration: LED Street Light + UAV Development Trend
Oct 08, 2016

   After the rapid development in recent years, LED lighting products have been more popular. In the past, the promotion of LED lighting products are usually playing the "energy saving" brand. In the wave of cross-border integration, LED lighting industry is also trying to find the possibility of using cross-border integration to improve product value added.

   Among them, the frequent cross-border integration of LED street lamps, LED street light + eye-catching performance. For example, LED street lamp + solar energy, LED street light + things, LED street lamp + charging pile, etc..

   In simple terms, is in the LED street lamp head made of UAV apron, UAV can always find this apron in any city on the side of the road.

    LED street light + unmanned aerial vehicle, a space satellite as a colleague, LED street lamps have also put forward higher requirements on their own, with more skills.

Can provide charging, replacing the battery service.