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Effect Of PFC On The Zero Line Current In LED Outdoor Lighting Project
Oct 17, 2016

   LED lamps used in the outdoor landscape lighting in has more than ten years of history, for the convenience of LED control, the overall size of this project has been more and more big, the whole project of tens of millions or even billions of yuan. In this case, some of the blind spots of the original blind began to appear.

   In the blind spot of these techniques, the influence of power factor and zero line current is one of them. Although this problem is simple, but because it is not attached importance to, caused by the engineering problems, hidden dangers and waste is not small.

In the era of neon lights, the ballast itself is generally relatively high power factor, resulting in fewer problems. In the LED era, the use of low-voltage switching power supply usually does not have the PFC[L2] function, the corresponding will have the following several aspects of the consequences:

   In large-scale projects, because the power factor is too low, it may seriously pollute the power grid, a large number of high harmonics will cause interference to other equipment.

At the same time, the power factor is too low, it will increase the power load of the previous stage equipment, and increase the investment of the user. Cause zero line current is too large. In the old circuit because of high power factor, zero line current is small, usually four core cable market is based on this situation, the zero wire diameter will be smaller relative phase.The serious excess inrush current will strongly impact on power grid, causing difficulties frequently happened.