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Global LED UV Technology Market Analysis
Oct 11, 2016

   Market research firm TechNavio said the global LED UV technology market will grow rapidly. TechNavio predicts that in 2020 the global LED UV technology market, the compound annual growth rate will reach 39%. The company's total sales from LED UV including UV-A, UV-B and UV-C transmitters, to assess the market size of LED UV technology. TechNavio market assessment does not include the production of parts and components for the production of LED UV.

   In 2015, UV curing market accounted for 48.14% of LED UV technology market. The company found that the printing industry to increase the demand for UV curing equipment, UV LED chip flux density significantly improved so that UV curing accounted for a large part of the LED UV technology market.

   The printing industry has developed into a major user of UV curing equipment. LED UV inkjet printer to achieve high power fixation and curing. To this end, using LED UV system to cure UV ink jet printer for printing shop has brought new applications and realize the multi functional printer.