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Global Semiconductor Lighting Industry To Enter A New Round Of Growth Period
Oct 28, 2016

   Universal attention as an emerging semiconductor lighting industry by all countries, governments based on the national strategic level deployment, breakthrough technology change rapidly, the market is expanding, applications continue to expand, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the semiconductor lighting industry usher in new opportunities.

    CSA Research pointed out that, at present, the global semiconductor lighting technology is in a period of rapid development, the light effect on the 2015 international cold white LED devices reached 168 lm/W, LED become the main light source device in the field of lighting, accounting for more than 30% LED; the whole lamp luminous efficiency of 108 lm/W, the application domain expands in LED application automotive and agricultural fields has increased year by year, the growing scale of the industry, the annual growth rate remained above 20%; the market growth in application oriented, is achieved from the energy transition to intelligent and diversified.