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Indoor LED Lighting Decorative Lighting
Oct 30, 2017

The emergence of LED to break the traditional light source design methods and ideas, there are two latest design concepts.

Lighting unit

1, luminous flux:

Light source in the unit time, to the surrounding space radiation and cause visual energy, known as the luminous flux, with Φ said, the unit is lumen (Lm).

2, light intensity:

Light source in a specific direction of the unit solid angle of radiation within the luminous flux, known as the light source in the direction of the luminous intensity, referred to as light intensity. Denoted by symbol I, unit candela (Cd), I = Φ / W.

3, illumination:

The luminous flux received on the unit surface is called the illuminance, denoted by E, LEX, E = Φ / S.

4, brightness:

The luminous intensity of the luminous body in a given direction per unit area is called the luminance, expressed in L, in units of candela per square meter (Cd / m).

5, color temperature:

When the light source color and black body heated to a temperature issued by the same color, known as the light source color temperature, referred to as color temperature.

LED lighting unit price direct conversion relationship

1 lux ± 1 lumen luminous flux evenly distributed over 1 square meter of illuminance

1 lumen = luminous intensity of 1 candlelight point light source, luminous flux emitted in unit solid angle

1 lux ■ luminous intensity of 1 candlelight point light source in the radius of 1 meter on the spherical surface of the light

LED in the indoor lighting engineering applications mainly concentrated in the field of commercial lighting, mainly to decorative lighting:

1, in the high-end specialty stores, shopping malls and other indoor business atmosphere lighting

Energy-saving environmental protection, no UV, to meet some of the business show personalized light environment psychology, has become a number of businesses for some special products show the preferred light source; it full spectrum of color range is suitable for contrast store and shopping malls atmosphere, LED Light source in the local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting advantages, can create other traditional lighting electric light can not match the high quality light environment, very suitable for commercial lighting field. At this time, the price has become a secondary consideration.

2, entertainment, beauty salon lighting

LED integrated light full-color control, you can create static and dynamic lighting effects, from white to full spectrum of any color, rendering a strong atmosphere of entertainment, the emergence of LED to this space environment, the design of the opening of the new The idea.

3, bar, cafes and other leisure places atmosphere lighting

LED light source small size, solid light, to the lighting manufacturers unlimited play space, you can produce a variety of professional style, and LED full spectrum of any color and dynamic and static lighting effects make it decorative and manufacturing mood function In this type of place performance most vividly.

4, museums, art galleries and other professional places of lighting

Museums, art galleries and other places belong to the lighting environment requires a higher special occasions, the display of the special requirements of the light source does not contain ultraviolet light, no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet light, can meet the museum, art museum on the special requirements of lighting.

5, commercial theater, television studio dance and photography stage lighting

6, hotel, hotel lighting

Hotel, hotel lighting LED products, or in the lobby, or in the room, to the customer to bring a different feeling, in addition to energy conservation, but also filling the luxury and warmth, the owners, to create Of the personalized light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise

7, conference room, multi-function hall lighting

Intelligent control of the LED gray scale adjustable, according to the contents of the meeting to adjust the contents of the conference room or multi-function hall of the lighting environment, serious or lively can be set freely, LED intelligent lighting to meet the different conference theme of the light environment needs The

8, exhibition, fashion show lighting

Exhibitions, fashion shows are places where businesses show their products and services. For businesses, in order to better attract customers, sell goods and eventually reach a cooperation agreement, they need a personalized light environment to display their products and services, LED lighting and exhibition lighting in the field of great use.

9, living room and home theater lighting

The use of LED lighting color to contrast a warm, harmonious, warm atmosphere, reflecting the comfort, leisure atmosphere. Led's application for home lighting interpretation of another meaning.