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Indoor LED Lighting Heat Dissipation Performance
Aug 04, 2017

In the era of LED lighting, lighting quality of lighting has become more important, constantly changing lamps and lanterns, the purchase of lamps, we must also pay attention to, Indoor LED Lighting and then measure the LED lighting quality indicators which?

1, color temperature. Color temperature is a physical quantity that defines the color of the light source in units of K (Kelvin). If it is indoor lighting, color temperature is generally between 2800K-6500K. In general, Indoor LED Lighting the spectral distribution of incandescent and LED lights is better than that of high pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps, but incandescent lamps are energy efficient, so LED light sources will be the best choice.

2, color rendering. Color means that different light sources illuminate the properties of different colors on objects of the same color. The color rendering property of the light source is usually expressed by the color rendering index (Ra). The Ra range is from 0 to 100, and the Ra value is closer to 100, Indoor LED Lighting indicating that the color rendering property is higher. In general, LED light source of the higher color rendering index, the better the color performance.

For LED light source, the higher the color rendering, the higher the cost of LED light source, so the quality of the light source is relatively better, so you can determine the color through the color of LED light quality.

3, luminous efficiency. Luminous efficiency is a light source parameters, it is the ratio of luminous flux to power, the unit is lm / w (per watt lumens), Indoor LED Lighting the greater the luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the light source. Therefore, the luminous efficiency of LED lighting products, the quality of its light source is relatively good.

4. Energy saving performance. Energy saving is an important measure of LED lighting, Indoor LED Lighting but also meet the standards of low-carbon life. LED lighting with energy-saving performance-related parameters are: LED drive power supply efficiency, LED light source heat dissipation, luminous efficiency and so on.

In short, to measure the quality of indoor lighting is good or bad, can not just look at unilateral factors, to be combined together in order to select the best LED lighting.

With the international LED lighting gradually mature, the Chinese government to vigorously promote the traditional incandescent, fluorescent light source is gradually replaced, reflected in the indoor lighting is particularly evident. At the same time electronic control technology, materials, Indoor LED Lighting technology development gave birth to a large number of outstanding LED lighting products for the people's lives to add more colors. As we all know the cultural differences around the world, Indoor LED Lighting a variety of indoor lighting standards and the shape of the lamp has long been formed, LED will bring what kind of subversion? Will be the focus of the article discussion.

The interior environment design consists of an important component of lighting, and good lighting design is beneficial to people's health and safe and comfortable life. In reality, light is not just people can see the existence of objects, more is to express the form of space, creating an atmosphere. Indoor natural light or lighting design in the function to meet the needs of a variety of activities, but also attach importance to the lighting effect of space.