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Indoor LED Lighting Index Of
Jul 06, 2017

The correct application of good lighting quality indicators, Indoor LED Lighting will give you the lighting space to bring a new experience, especially in the LED lighting era, lighting quality performance is extremely important, the use of lighting quality indicators to buy LED light source products,Indoor LED Lighting  will bring more effort effect.

Indicating the light color of white light, the difference between white light color is red or blue, with absolute temperature, the unit is K (Kelvin). Indoor LED Lighting Often the indoor lighting color temperature range is 2800K-6500K.

Lighting white, the most typical is the sun, Indoor LED Lighting we all know, the sun is a mixture of a variety of colors of light, of which the most important is the red, green and blue three colors of light.

White light is the color temperature indicator to describe the light color, when the white light in the blue light components, white light color on the blue (cold, such as the northern winter noon sunshine),Indoor LED Lighting  when the red light in the white composition for a long time, Indoor LED Lighting white light color on the side Red (warm, such as morning and evening sun), color temperature is the only way to express white light color.

The degree of reduction of the surface color of the illuminated light source is expressed by the color rendering index Ra, the range of Ra is from 0 to 100, and the value of Ra is closer to 100, indicating that the higher the color rendering is, the better the color reduction is. Indoor LED Lighting The color of the light source requires professional instrumentation.

From the sun's spectrum can be seen, Indoor LED Lighting the most abundant solar spectrum, is the best color of the light source, artificial light color is always lower than the sun, Indoor LED Lighting so the best way to identify the artificial light color is Sunlight contrast, the easiest way is in the sun and artificial light source contrast palm or face color, the closer the color of the sun, the better the color.

For LED light source, Ra can be divided into two levels, Ra less than 80, Indoor LED Lighting Ra greater than 80, high-quality indoor lighting, should use Ra is greater than 80 light source.

In the purchase of light source, we hope that the higher the better the color rendering, but the high color of the light source is usually luminous efficiency will be reduced, Indoor LED Lighting the power consumption will increase the light, for less important occasions, you can consider to reduce the color Requirements such as staircase aisle and so on. LED light source, high color rendering LED cost is also high, high color quality of the light source is relatively good, through the choice of high color of the LED light source, Indoor LED Lighting is also a high-quality lighting products to identify one of the simple methods.

Illumination value requires a special instrument test; from the photometric point of view, the luminous flux is the main indicator, as a lighting product, the main reaction is to illuminate the surface of the object brightness level, the use of illumination value to describe the lighting effect is more accurate, indoor lighting illumination level , The reaction is the indoor lighting of the bright and dark, Indoor LED Lighting too high illumination and low illumination on the human eye health is influential, Indoor LED Lighting therefore, the indoor illumination of the illumination value need to refer to national standards, Indoor LED Lighting according to the table recommended by the illumination value There will not be too high or too low illumination.