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Indoor LED Lighting Lighting Unit
Aug 24, 2017

The emergence of LED to break the traditional light source design methods and ideas, there are two latest design concepts.

Lighting unit

1, luminous flux:

Light source in the unit time, to the surrounding space radiation and cause visual energy, known as the luminous flux, with Φ said, the unit is lumen 

2, light intensity:

Light source in a particular direction of the unit solid angle radiation within the luminous flux, known as the light source in the direction of the luminous intensity, referred to as light intensity. Denoted by symbol I, unit candela (Cd), I = Φ / W.

3, illumination:

The luminous flux received on the unit surface is called the illuminance, denoted by E, LEX, E = Φ / S.

4, brightness:

The luminous intensity of the luminous body in a given direction per unit area is called the brightness, expressed in L, the unit candela per square meter (Cd / m).

5, color temperature:

When the light source of light and black body heated to a temperature issued by the same color, known as the light source color temperature, referred to as color temperature.

LED lighting unit price direct conversion relationship

1 lux ± 1 lumen luminous flux evenly distributed over 1 square meter of illuminance

1 lumen = luminous intensity of 1 candlelight point light source, luminous flux emitted in unit solid angle

1 lux ■ luminous intensity of 1 candlelight point light source in the radius of 1 m on the spherical surface of the light generated

market expectation

LED interior lighting market prospects in the next decade is a rapid development and rapid expansion of the period. With the continuous development of the economy, the national awareness of energy conservation more and more efficient, energy efficient LED indoor lighting will be favored by consumers. At the same time, the state will develop a number of subsidies in the energy-saving programs to assist the development of enterprise technology, the development of more energy-efficient lighting better LED indoor lighting.

In short, all the premise is that consumers awareness of energy-saving, LED indoor lighting technology development, the state introduced the corresponding subsidy policy. Since then, LED indoor lighting to usher in the true sense of the "golden age."


Floor lamp: a good helper space for the room is often able to create a vivid and comfortable atmosphere for the room, if you want to space for the room partition, but do not want to use the physical partition, then use the floor lamp to divide the space will be a good choice. Floor lamps and lighting to form a "stealth partition", not only separated by space, but also to ensure the integrity of the entire room and permeability. In addition, it will make the room feel more in the visual effect.

Bookcases spotlights: illuminate the family library in the room, often there will be some of the more fragmentary corner space, because the bookcase area is often no special lighting facilities, sometimes the night room brightness difficult to take into account the bookcase this part, looking for a The book becomes less convenient. In the top of the bookcase plus a number of light for the bookcase to provide lighting spotlights can be a good solution to this problem. At the same time, bookcases spotlights light also for this small space to create a quiet atmosphere.

Reading lights: open up to read the world when reading, people often want to have a peaceful exclusive area, neither be disturbed by others, and will not affect the family rest. Reading lights just to meet people's desire. Reading lights are suitable for placing on the side of the sofa as a supplemental light source for reading. Light pole deformation of the reading lamp is very easy to use, the most suitable for it placed in the bedroom bedside cabinet.

TV backlight: make your eyes more comfortable

At night because the room brightness is not high, watching TV when the screen always feel some glare - in the TV behind the installation of thin and long background lights, the problem can be solved. It allows people to watch TV when the eyes more comfortable.

Spotlight: let the display of a more artistic spotlight direct a unique feature, can increase the sense of fashion, three-dimensional and elegant sense, so that your living room is full of drama.