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Indoor LED Lighting More Widely
Oct 31, 2017

LED technology to promote a revolution in the lighting industry. Needless to say, with the LED technology matures, prices continue to decrease, its application in the indoor lighting will be more and more, more and more widely.

LED in the building first used in the logo logo, such as the common "safe exit", "Indoor LED Lighting elevator", "bathroom" and other signs have been used LED technology, this application has achieved good results, and now more popular And mature. Subsequently, the LED in the night lighting has been widely used, especially the Beijing Olympic Games water cube project, through the National Science and Technology and Beijing two research projects research, the success of high-power LED applications in the building facade lighting, Indoor LED Lighting China's high-power LED development, led China's LED lighting in the building in the application, now night lighting has been widely used LED technology. At the same time, LED in the field of emergency lighting has been widely used, especially in the application of evacuation lighting more widely, universal.Indoor LED Lighting In recent years, indoor lighting in the downlight, spotlights, office lighting, etc. can also be used LED technology case, and achieved some operational experience.

Objectively speaking, LED in the application of indoor lighting has just started, many factors restricting its application in indoor lighting. Indoor LED Lighting This paper attempts to analyze this issue, the common concern about this issue, scientific and rational to promote the application of LED technology.

LED lights are electrical products, in the international by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC lead the organization, to develop work. IEC internal by the different technical committee is responsible for different work: LED lighting electrical product standards by the TC34 is responsible for, including the LED light source, connectors, control devices, lighting and other content; Indoor LED Lighting LED light biosafety part of the TC76 technical committee.

LED technology in a period of rapid development. At present, Indoor LED Lighting the luminous efficiency of LED chips from about 10 years ago 15lm / W showed about twenty times the growth, has more than T5 three-color straight tube fluorescent light efficiency.