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Indoor LED Lighting Of The Service Life
Oct 18, 2017

The precise light distribution of LED lamps allows people to see every individual detail of the product. Indoor LED Lighting Light and shadow of the game will reveal to the customer the secret of the product - from multiple angles of light to avoid the shadow of the product itself. It is very important to illuminate a large area of constituent elements in the store space. We use LED billboards and video playback to attract people's attention, and then through the precise targeting of the projection of the customer's interest gathered to the product up.

High color performance can better show the nature of goods. LED light source has been able to provide color rendering index higher than 90 products. Indoor LED Lighting Using RGB-based lamps, we can adjust the color according to the scene within the LED light source, so do not have to use the color filter like the traditional light source.

The technical operation / operation area has a completely different lighting operating environment condition. Lighting is often installed in a complex environment with high ceilings. Replacement of light sources and other parts or other maintenance work may be a problem. Therefore, Indoor LED Lighting lighting fixtures must meet stringent technical requirements to provide long service life. In addition, lighting control systems equipped with daylight sensors and personnel sensing can significantly reduce energy consumption in everyday use.

Office lighting should meet the requirements of all relevant office areas in the EN12464-1 standard. We stay in the office for most of the time, so the illumination should be appropriate and pleasant; Indoor LED Lighting glare will have to be reduced to a minimum to avoid visual interference. We can provide at least a variety of different fluorescent lamps and lanterns compared to LED lamps, Indoor LED Lighting even beyond their parameters. In addition to saving energy, the user's comfort is the most important in office applications (dimming, daylight sensors and motion sensors). We are using LED lighting system to provide a variety of demand-level system solutions.

According to the EN12464-1 standard for the corridor lighting requirements, the ground illumination must be 100-200 lx. Frequent switching shortens the life of traditional light sources, while the life of LED lamps is not affected by this. Architects' imagination is unrestricted, and they have the opportunity to play their fantasy - lighting to emphasize the architectural elements of the embedded installation, Indoor LED Lighting than the simple space lighting produced a better effect. The lights have informative features, such as highlighting the emergency exit in the building, directing (and in some cases using RGB) and orientation, Indoor LED Lighting information bars, or promotional media for specific targets.

In the general lighting using RGB light source to achieve emotional lighting. It is also possible to use additional lighting controls and integrate them into other systems. Indoor LED Lighting Implantation of emergency modules within the fixture ensures safety.