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Indoor LED Lighting The Better The Performance
Oct 13, 2017

Temperature。 A color temperature is a physical quantity that defines the color of a light source, and its unit is K (Kelvin). In the case of indoor lighting, Indoor LED Lighting the color temperature is generally between 2800k-6500k. In general, the spectral distribution of incandescent and LED lamps is better than that of high pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps, but the incandescent lamps are so energy-intensive that the LED light source will be the best choice.

Color rendering. Color rendering refers to the characteristics of different colors on objects of the same color that are irradiated by different spectral sources. Color index (RA) is usually used to indicate the color of the light source, RA range from $number, RA value closer to 100, Indoor LED Lighting indicating that the higher the color. In general, the higher the color index of LED light source, the better its color rendering performance.

For LED light source, the higher the color rendering, the higher the cost of LED light source, so the quality of light source is relatively better, so you can determine the quality of LED light source by color rendering.

Luminous efficiency. Luminous efficiency is a source of the parameters, it is the ratio of luminous flux and power, the unit is LM (per watt lumen value), the greater the luminous flux, Indoor LED Lighting the higher the brightness of the light source. Therefore, the luminous efficiency of LED lighting products, Indoor LED Lighting the quality of its light source is relatively good.

Energy-saving performance. Energy-saving is an important measure of the lighting of LED lighting, but also meet the standard of Low-carbon life. and LED lamp energy-saving performance related parameters are: LED power supply efficiency, LED light source cooling performance, luminous efficiency and so on.

To measure the quality of indoor lighting, we can not only look at the unilateral factors, Indoor LED Lighting we must combine together to select the best LED lighting.

With the fundamental change of human society and the geometric growth of our information sharing with the surrounding world, illumination is also evolving. Indoor LED Lighting The development of new light sources and lamps utilizes modern technology, new optical systems and materials, focusing on optimizing efficiency and taking into account the impact on the environment.

The precise light of the LED lamps allows people to see each individual detail of the product. The game of light and Shadow will reveal to the customers the secret of the product-the illumination from multiple angles can avoid the shadow of the product itself. Indoor LED Lighting It is important to illuminate the large area elements in the store space. We use LED billboards and video playback to attract people's attention and then gather the customer's interest into the product through the precise targeting of the projection light.

High display color performance can show the essence of the commodity better. LED light source has been able to provide a color index of more than 90 of the product. Indoor LED Lighting The use of RGB LED lamps, we can within the LED light source according to the scene to adjust the color, so do not need to be like the traditional light source, it is necessary to use color filter.