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Indoor LED Lighting The Engineering Application
Oct 11, 2017

The emergence of LED breaks the design method and idea of traditional light source, and there are two newest design concepts.

Lighting unit

1. Luminous flux:

Light source in unit time, into the surrounding space radiation, and cause the energy of the visual, known as the luminous flux, expressed with Φ, units for the lumen (Lm).

2. Light intensity:

The light flux of the light source in a specific direction is called the luminescence intensity of the light source in that direction. I use symbols, said unit candela (Cd), I = Φ/W.

3. Illumination:

Unit of the luminous flux on the plane ride to accept called illumination, expressed in E, unit lux (Lx), E = Φ/S.

4. Brightness:

The luminescence intensity of the luminosity in the projected area of a given direction is called brightness, and in L, the unit candela per square meter (Cd/m).

5. Color temperature:

When the color of the light source and the color of the black body are heated to a certain temperature, the color temperature of the light source is called the color temperature of the light source.

Direct conversion relationship of LED lighting unit

1 lux =1 lumen of luminous flux evenly distributed in the area of 1 square meter

1 lumen = light source with luminous intensity of 1 candle, luminous flux emitted in unit solid Angle

1 lux = light intensity of a point light with a light intensity of 1 candle on a sphere with a radius of 1 meter

The engineering application

The application of LED in indoor lighting project mainly focuses on commercial lighting, mainly decorative lighting:

1. Indoor commercial atmosphere lighting, such as middle and high-end exclusive specialty stores, shopping malls, etc

Energy saving and environmental protection, no ultraviolet ray, pandering to the psychology of certain businesses to display personalized light environment, has become the preferred source for some businesses to display for certain special products; The full spectrum of color range is very suitable to foil the atmosphere of the stores and malls, LED light source in the region of the local lighting, accent lighting and lighting, can create the other traditional light source of high quality light environment, very suitable for commercial lighting field. At this time, the price becomes a secondary consideration.

2. Entertainment and beauty salon lighting

LED full-color easy control, integrated light source can create static and dynamic lighting effect, from the white light to the full spectrum of any color, apply colours to a drawing gives a strong entertainment atmosphere, the appearance of the LED to this kind of space environment decoration design opens up a new train of thought.

3. The atmosphere of leisure places such as bars and cafes

LED light source is small in size, solid state light, give a manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of infinite space, can make all kinds of different styles of professional, and LED the whole spectrum of any color and lighting effect of dynamic and static let make emotional appeal of the decorative and functional performance in this kind of places to get incisively and vividly.

4. Lighting of museums, art galleries and other professional places

Museums, art galleries and other places belong to special occasions requiring high lighting environment. The particularity of the display objects requires that lighting sources do not contain ultraviolet radiation and do not have thermal radiation. LED is the cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet ray, can satisfy the special request of the museum, the art gallery to illume completely.

5. Stage lighting of commercial theater, TV studio dance and photography

6. Hotel and hotel lighting

Hotel, the guesthouse lighting using LED products, or in the lobby, or in the guest room, to the customer in a different way, in addition to saving energy, still can show luxury and warmth, for the owner, to create a personalized light environment can fully reveal the strength of the enterprise

Conference room, multi-functional hall lighting

Intelligent control of the LED gray level is adjustable, can adjust the meeting rooms and multi-function hall according to conference contents of different lighting environment, serious or lively can freely set, LED intelligent lighting can meet the needs of different conference theme to light environment.

8. Exhibition and fashion show lighting

An exhibition and fashion show is a venue for merchants to display their products and services. For businesses, in order to attract customers, selling goods and eventually reached cooperation agreement, they need personalized light environment to display their products and services, the LED's scope for the exhibition and fashion show lighting field.

Living room and home theater lighting

Use the light color of LED to foil a kind of warm, harmonious, wave warm emotional appeal, reflect comfortable, recreational atmosphere. The application of Led has another meaning for home lighting.