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Indoor LED Lighting Very Common
May 26, 2017

Led in the outdoor lighting engineering application has been very common, but in the interior lighting engineering application is in the preliminary stage, Indoor LED Lighting this is also because the indoor LED lighting products are too few, lighting designers suffer from choice, and to the promotion of indoor lighting set up obstacles. Personal view, indoor LED lighting products development and promotion should focus on the following four aspects:

The traditional lamps and lanterns used in indoor lighting are numerous, such as tube lamps, spotlights, grille lights, lanterns and chandeliers, which make up the two major fields of commercial lighting and home lighting, leading the direction of indoor lighting, and currently used in indoor lighting LED products are mainly LED cup lights, led floor tiles and other decorative lighting, Indoor LED Lighting other common traditional lamps are rare LED light source application, but this piece of the market's huge potential, with the LED luminous efficiency and price reduction, Who first developed serialization products, who will seize the market opportunities.

One of the biggest advantages of LED is easy to control. and can cluster control, in some of the need for programmable power, led intelligent products can provide a series of solutions, contains three primary colors LED lamps and a microprocessor intelligent LED lighting products, Indoor LED Lighting configuration DMX512 Communication protocol can be run on the ether, which provides a convenient for the intelligent management of indoor lighting, but also to dilute the use of LED lighting led to the initial cost of the disadvantage of too high.

Illumination, having undergone a series of evolutions, is slowly becoming a fashion, humanized lighting products become the first choice for people, and LED lighting lamps small size, unlike the traditional light source has a glass shell, and light easy to control, in the appearance of the user-friendly design of the lamp LED lamp manufacturers unlimited play space.

Although the LED light source is not as good as some traditional light efficiency, but because the LED light emitting direction is strong, the utilization Indoor LED Lighting rate is high, so as long as through reasonable optical processing, maximize the use of its luminous flux, in terms of illuminance, LED can achieve functional lighting requirements.

Under the same conditions, Indoor LED Lighting test the illumination of the 3W led and the 35W Halogen lamp cup. Within 3 meters of the center of the LED light source is much higher than the halogen lamp cup, in practical applications, the lamp cup of common lighting range in 1-3 meters, 3W LED light lighting effect is significantly better than 35W halogen lamp, this is mainly because halogen lamp does not use its luminous flux.

High-Power LED lamp is the future development of LED lighting industry in a direction, at present, because of its high light efficiency and superior lumen maintenance rate as the major manufacturers competing for the development of products, but high-power LED lights on the cooling technology requirements, environmental temperature to reach a certain limit will soon produce light decay, directly led to the decline in life.

At this stage, LED lighting lamps and lanterns can be used in many places instead of the traditional light source, especially high-power LED lighting, speeding up the LED lighting to replace the traditional lighting light source speed, also make the use of large-area indoor LED lighting become a reality, with the industry's continuous maturation, LED lighting development longitudinal depth, high-power LED lighting in price and light efficiency will have a great change in amplitude.