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Indoor LED Lighting Very Common
Sep 30, 2017

LED outdoor lighting applications in the application has been very common, but the application of indoor lighting projects are in the initial stage, this is because the indoor LED lighting products, too few types of lighting designers suffer from no choice, and to the indoor Lighting products to promote the set up obstacles.

The so-called serialization of the premise is the modular, LED point-like light source characteristics, so that it can be combined into a variety of shapes to adapt to a variety of lighting use, Indoor LED Lighting modular design can provide the traditional light source can not be convenient, but also The optical light distribution design put forward higher requirements.

Used in the traditional lighting of indoor lighting can be described as numerous, Indoor LED Lighting downlights, spotlights, grille lights, lanterns and chandeliers and other components of the commercial lighting and home lighting two major areas, leading the direction of indoor lighting.

And currently used in indoor lighting LED products are mainly LED cup lights, LED tiles and other decorative lighting, other common traditional lighting is rare LED light source applications, Indoor LED Lighting but this piece of the huge potential of the market no doubt.

With the LED light efficiency and price reduction, who first developed a series of products, who would seize the market opportunities.

Because of the electrical characteristics of the LED, it is easy to control the strengths, but in the indoor application, "intelligent control" is still a manual control of all the "integrated control" replacement of the title from the false proposition, the real intelligence Lighting is still vacant, Indoor LED Lighting is the opportunity, is also a huge pit.

One of the biggest advantages of LED is easy to control. And can be cluster control, in some applications where the need for programmability, LED intelligent products can provide a range of solutions, including three primary colors LED lamps and a microprocessor intelligent LED lighting products, configure the DMX512 communication protocol can be in the ether Run online.

Lighting, after a series of evolution, is slowly becoming a fashion, Indoor LED Lighting humanized lighting products become the first choice, and LED lighting small size, unlike the traditional light source has a glass, and the light is easy to control , Indoor LED Lighting In the appearance of the humanized design of the lighting to the LED lighting manufacturers unlimited play space.

Due to the non-continuous spectral characteristics of LED, light quality is most likely to be especially neglected by ordinary consumers, Indoor LED Lighting unless the use of "lighting passport" this professional instrument measurement, otherwise the average human eye is difficult to determine, this is the LED business conscience "