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LED Circuit Structure Classification
May 11, 2016

(1) resistor, capacitor step-down method: through the capacitor step-down, when used flashing, due to charge-discharge function, LED through the great instantaneous current, easy to damage the chip. Under the influence of voltage fluctuation, low efficiency and low reliability.
(2) resistance buck: buck through resistance, voltage variation interference is large, not easy to make power supply, reducing resistance to consume much energy, so this form of power supply power supply efficiency is very low, and the reliability of the systems is low.
(3) the conventional transformers step-down method: power volume small, the weight is biased, power efficiency is very low, only 45%~60%, so seldom used, is not reliable.
(4) electronic transformers step-down method: power efficiency, low voltage range is not wide, General 180~240V, moire.
(5) the RCC step-down switching power supplies: wide voltage range, high power efficiency, the General can do 70%~80%, application is also wider. Because this way of controlling the oscillation frequency is not continuous, the switching frequency is not easily controlled, load voltage ripple factor is relatively large, abnormal load adaptability.
(6) PWM control method of switching power supply: consists of four parts, Rectifier, filter, and output rectifier part of energy conversion, PWM voltage control, switch parts.