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LED Downlights Applicability Is Very Strong
Aug 04, 2017

LED downlight has been accepted by more and more consumers. LED Downlights It is not only energy-saving environmental protection, and the use of a wide range, whether it is home lighting, ceiling decoration or hotel lighting, entertainment lighting it can play the greatest function, LED Downlights strong applicability, which is the main reason it was respected.

LED downlight is good, but as a consumer, we must not be in the purchase when the blind, random purchase, we must carry out calm and scientific analysis, the most cost-effective selection of lamps.

1. From the health side, the use of non-toxic materials designed LED downlight product prices to be high, do not choose cheap oak LED downlight. Discrimination methods can be used directly with the nose, LED Downlights the smell of the product is much lower than the odorless price.

2. LED downlights are new products, with international safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) and the national product quality certification LED downlight price is higher, LED Downlights because these products in the safety design more reliable. Consumers pay attention to is to seriously identify the authenticity of the certificate.

3. LED downlight its light angle is not the same. Special light angle, LED Downlights the price is higher. Such as full diffuse angle LED downlight, the price is higher.

4. LED downlight quality is the key to life, life expectancy by the light fade. Light fades small, long life, high prices.

5. LED downlight luminous body for the wafer, different chips, the price difference is very large. Japan, the United States of the chip more expensive, generally Taiwan and domestic chip prices lower than Japan, LED Downlights the United States.

6. Wavelength consistent LED, the same color, such as the requirements of the same color, LED Downlights the price is high. Producers who do not have LED spectrophotograms are hard to produce purely color products.

7. From the application of environmental safety, a reliable dust and moisture-proof design, materials, fire, anti-ultraviolet, anti-low temperature cracking LED downlight price is high.

LED Downlight Installation Precautions

First, open the LED downlight packaging should immediately check whether the product is intact. The occurrence of non-human or manual requirements within the requirements of the failure, LED Downlights can be returned to the retailer or directly returned to the manufacturers to replace.

Second, before the cut off the power supply to ensure that the switch is closed, LED Downlights to prevent electric shock, lighting, light, do not touch the lamp surface. LED Downlights This lamp should be avoided in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas sites, so as not to affect life.

Third, before use, please confirm the application according to the number of good power. LED Downlights This product is for indoor use only, please pay attention to the waterproof before installation to ensure that the installation location can withstand 10 times the weight of the product.

Fourth, LED Downlights the product using high pressure (110V / 220V) power lamp cup, should not work in the frequent power off state, this will affect its life.

5, installed in the absence of vibration, LED Downlights no swing, no fire hidden places, pay attention to avoid falling at high altitude, hard objects collision, percussion.

6, such as long-term disabled, LED downlight should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, prohibited in the wet, high temperature or flammable and explosive places stored and used.