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LED Downlights Heat Dissipation Material
May 26, 2017

LED Downlights At present, the majority of LED tube lamp manufacturers still use aluminum cooling material as a lamp shell, because of its good heat dissipation and molding, LED Downlights application mature, in the field of light source and high-power lamps has maintained a good market share. But the complexity of processing, high cost, material weight and other shortcomings still become LED lamps to reduce the cost of natural barriers.

Guangdong Xiang New photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Bixiang said, Xiang New photoelectric currently uses die-casting aluminum radiator; LED Downlights The advantages of die-casting aluminum radiator are beautiful appearance, changeable shape and moderate price. At the same time, he also admitted that the die-casting aluminum radiator itself is not insulated, the power supply need to increase insulation protection; radiator mold Cost is higher, new product development and investment.

Dongguan PU million photoelectric cooling technology Co., Ltd. General manager Jintao said in the language, aluminum alloy heat dissipation materials are currently the most obvious two drawbacks, the first is environmental protection issues, and now very strict environmental protection, LED Downlights and hardware production process of environmental impact is very large, this is a very important signal; In addition, the cost is higher, if a single die-casting lamp, the material may not be too expensive, but now the cost of die-casting, including the cost of post-processing, the entire calculation of the cost will be very high.

Shenzhen city, Anson Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Technical director Li Tingyu said. "Aluminum light body cooling is currently the most widely used LED lighting industry, a way of cooling." And as a lamp, we currently think that the economic and practical cost-effective use of stamping aluminum material is better. But if you use plastic wrap aluminum, you need to use heat conductive plastic wrap aluminum way, LED Downlights one of the heat dissipation, the second has a texture. ”

LED tube lamp diameter from 2. 5 inches to 10 inches or more, the requirements of the cooling material is more stringent, in addition to the heat itself, the product of the stretch, but also to ensure that it will not deform in large area, at the same time for the material itself cracking, also put forward a relatively high requirements.