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LED Downlights Long Life Of Saving Electricity
Oct 13, 2017

After years of development, LED tube lamp in the field of engineering, LED Downlights home improvement has been widely used, the basic replacement of the traditional tube lamp. In the field of LED business, the lamp can be said to be the most popular category, because its technical content is not high, basically screwdriver factory can be produced. No entry threshold, who can produce, swarming, resulting in uneven quality, price from a few yuan to dozens of yuan, so the current LED tube lamp market is still more chaotic. At the same time, LED Downlights the current price of the tube lamp is very transparent, from the chip, Shell to packaging and other parts of the cost of dealers basic knowledge is clear, and because the entry threshold is low, the number of producers, the competition is fierce, LED Downlights so the LED tube lamp profit compared to other commercial products are much lower.

Tube lamps are generally used in shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, installation simple and convenient for people to love. LED Tube lamp inherits the traditional tube lamp all of the advantages, the calorific value is small, LED Downlights the province electric life is long, the maintenance cost is very small. Early LED lamp lamp because of the expensive led beads, the overall cost is very high not for customers to accept. LED Downlights With the lower price of LED lamp chip and the improvement of heat dissipation technology, it has laid a solid foundation for the LED tube lamp to enter the commercial field.

LED tube lamp by LED lamp bead, LED Downlights the tube lamp shell, also has the power supply composition. For the lamp bead, it is advisable to use high-power lamp beads such as single 1W lamp beads, should not use small power such as 5050, 5630, such as lamp bead, the reason is led small power light bead brightness is bright but light intensity is not enough, and led tube lamp general irradiation perpendicular distance is 4-5 meters, because the small power light intensity enough, ground light intensity is not enough, and high-power lamp bead especially integrated light intensity of light becomes the LED tube lamp manufacturer first. At present, LED Downlights the general use of high-power lamp beads such as single 1W lamp bead, made of 1W, 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, etc., the largest can be made 25W, if the use of high-power integration program can also do higher power.

To determine the life of the lamp has three main parts: LED lamp beads, led cooling "shell design", LED power supply. LED lamp bead Manufacturers determine the main life of LED lamp, at present, foreign high-quality chip manufacturers have the United States Cree, Japan Asia (Nichia), LED Downlights citizen and so on, cost-effective has Taiwan manufacturers Crystal Yuan (in China, generally refers to the purchase of Crystal Yuan LED chip packaging products, More to Taiwan or cross-strait packaging factory in China production mainly, such as billion light, the mainland manufacturers have three photoelectric and so on.

The cooling design of LED tube lamp has a very important effect on its life, and the LED heat is transmitted to the internal PCB by the lamp bead and then exported to the enclosure, then the shell is passed through convection or conduction into the air. PCB heat dissipation should be fast enough, LED Downlights thermal conductivity of silicone grease to be good enough, the heat dissipation area of the shell to be large enough, a few factors reasonable design determines the normal operation of the LED Lamp PN junction temperature can not be higher than 65 degrees to ensure that the LED chip in the normal operating temperature and not because the temperature too high too fast to produce light decay