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LED Downlights More Widely Distributed
Sep 26, 2017

LED downlight on the light source there are three: the first is the use of multiple small and medium power LED such as 3528,2835,3014,5050 and other 1W following LED; the second is the use of several high-power lamp beads, power in 1 ~ 3W of the LED; LED Downlights the third is to use an integrated light source,LED Downlights which is the so-called COB light source. Three different light sources have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The use of small and medium-sized LED as the light source of the downlight, because the number of LED more, as much as possible to cover the entire light source cavity, which can make the work of the LED heat transfer more widely, easy to heat, but also to avoid local temperature overheat. Also because the LED distribution is more dispersed, the light source to the smooth surface of the distance can be designed to be relatively small, can achieve the effect of uniform spot, so the use of low-power LED to do downlight can be designed to reduce the height of the low. The use of small and medium power LED also exist shortcomings, LED Downlights mainly reflected in the cost. Because low-power LED requires electrical connection of the circuit board, usually taking into account the cooling requirements, the use of aluminum plate for electrical connection. While the number of small-power LED more, also need to use the placement machine to LED affixed to the aluminum plate, these two aspects have increased the cost of the entire lamp.

Using integrated LED light source as a downlight, LED Downlights because the integrated light source has its own circuit board, you only need to use when fixed, so compared to low-power LED to save the cost of aluminum substrates and patch costs. But the integrated light source in the application of the lamp will also be a few deficiencies, first, because the integrated light source power is relatively large, LED at work, the heat is more concentrated, so the thermal design requirements are higher; Second, integrated light source The light is relatively small, in order to avoid the light bulb in the light generated on the spot, usually need to integrate the light source to the smooth side of the relatively large, which requires the height of the reflector is relatively high, LED Downlights so the use of integrated light source lamp height will be higher , The whole volume of the lamp naturally big.

The use of high-power LED as the light source of the downlight is taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of low-power LED and integrated light source LED and a compromise approach. The actual design of LED downlight, the choice of which kind of lamp beads to LED light as a light source is not certain, to consider the entire performance and cost, to make a comprehensive analysis in order to determine what kind of LED the most appropriate.

Downlight as a general lighting and auxiliary lighting is usually not very demanding in the optical requirements, most of the LED lamp beads can meet the optical requirements of the light, so the optical design of the downlight, do not need special To change the direction of the LED light, LED Downlights like lights and spotlights, like the lens to achieve the desired light angle. Downlight is designed to reflect the light from the light source as much as possible, while making the light spot evenly.

For the use of low-power LED design of the downlight, in the arrangement of LED position, as much as possible to increase the distribution of LED area evenly arranged, LED Downlights one heat dispersion is more easy to heat, and second can make the entire light Relatively uniform, in the light on the light through the mask on the light can basically achieve a uniform effect.LED Downlights Here the light mask because it is only the role of protection from the light source, so as far as possible to choose a high light transmission material as a light mask.