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LED Downlights Widely Used
Jul 14, 2017

After years of development, LED downlight in the engineering, home improvement areas have been widely used, the basic alternative to the traditional downlight. LED Downlights In the field of LED business license, LED Downlights downlight can be said that the highest degree of popularity of the category, because its technical content is not high, basically the screwdriver factory can be produced. No access to the threshold, LED Downlights no one can produce, swarm, resulting in uneven quality, the price from a few dollars to tens of dollars, so the current LED downlight market is also more chaotic. At the same time, the current downlight price is very transparent, LED Downlights from the chip, shell to packaging and other parts of the basic cost of dealers are clearly understood, and because the entry threshold is low, many producers, highly competitive, so LED downlight profits compared to other Commercial products are much lower.

Downlights are generally used in shopping malls, offices, LED Downlights factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, easy to install for people's favorite. LED downlight inherited the advantages of all the traditional downlight, the heat is small, long life, maintenance costs are minimal. LED Downlights Early LED downlight due to the high cost of LED lamp beads, the overall high cost is not accepted by customers. With the LED downlight chip prices and cooling technology to improve the LED downlight into the commercial field has laid a solid foundation.

LED downlight by the LED lamp beads, LED Downlights downlight shell, as well as power components. For the lamp lamp beads, it is appropriate to use high-power lamp beads such as single 1W lamp beads, should not use low power such as 5050,5630 lamp beads, because the LED low-power lamp beads bright enough but light intensity is not enough, and LED downlight general exposure vertical distance is 4-5 meters, LED Downlights due to low power light intensity is not enough ground intensity is not enough, and high-power lamp beads, especially the integrated light intensity of the larger LED downlight manufacturers first. Currently widely used is a high-power lamp beads such as a single 1W lamp beads, made downlights 1W, 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, etc., the largest general can be made 25W, LED Downlights if the use of high-power integration program can do higher power.

Decided downlight life of the main three parts: LED lamp beads, LED cooling "shell design", LED power supply. LED lamp beads manufacturers decided the main life of the LED downlight, the current foreign high-quality chip manufacturers have the United States CREE, Japan Nichia (Nichia), Citizen, etc., LED Downlights cost-effective Taiwan manufacturers wafer (in China refers to the purchase of wafer LED Chip to take the product of the package, more to Taiwan factory or cross-strait packaging plant in China-based production), billion light, etc., LED Downlights the mainland manufacturers have three optoelectronics and so on.

In general, high-quality LED downlight manufacturers, LED Downlights will use foreign CREELED chip, at least one of the market recognized high stability products. This made the natural light of the lamp high brightness, long life, but the price is also a lot of money, the use of Taiwan's manufacturers of chip life is also long, LED Downlights but the price is relatively low, the basic can be accepted by China's domestic mid-market customers. China's domestic market chip life is short, light fade larger, but the lowest price to become a large number of small manufacturers to fight the price of choice. What kind of LED lamp beads, LED chips, LED Downlights but also directly determines the LED downlight manufacturers positioning and social responsibility in the industry presented.