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LED-driver Classification
May 11, 2016

1. constant current:
a. output current, constant current drive circuit is constant, while the output DC voltage with a load resistance of different sizes vary within a certain range, the load resistance smaller, low output voltage, the load resistance greater and higher output voltage;
b. constant-current circuits are not afraid of load short circuit, but it is strictly prohibited to load completely open.
c. constant current drive LED drive circuit is ideal, but the price is high.
d. should pay attention to the use of maximum current and voltage values, it will limit the use of LED number;
2. voltage regulator:
a. when the parameters determined in the circuit, the output voltage is fixed, and output current changes with the increase or decrease in load;
b. the regulator is not afraid the load circuit, but it is strictly prohibited to load full short circuit.
c. constant voltage drive circuit-driven LED, each string requires the appropriate resistance can make a serial LED display brightness on average;
d. the brightness will be rectified by the voltage change.