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LED How To Choose The Filament Lamp Drive Power?
Nov 26, 2016

LED is an efficient light-emitting diode device, it must work in the DC constant current environment can be sustained and stable to emit bright light, to illuminate the world. The advantages and disadvantages of the power supply will directly affect the brightness of the light and the quality of light. How to choose a good LED filament drive power supply is the key to the manufacture of LED filament lamp with excellent cost performance.

At present, there are three kinds of driving power of LED filament lamp:

One is about to be eliminated resistance capacity buck power supply;

Two is the current mainstream of the non isolated switch constant current drive power supply;

Three is the emerging high voltage linear constant current drive power supply.

At present, the main products of LED filament lamp are C35 candle lamp and A60 bulb lamp, which can be installed in a very narrow space.