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LED Spotlights Application Scope
Aug 24, 2017

LED Spotlights is the use of light-emitting diode as a light source of the spotlights. Traditional lighting more use of halogen lamps, luminous efficiency is low, more power consumption, exposure to ambient temperature rise, short service life. LED light source in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting fixtures.

Spot a wide range, used for manufacturing effects, embellishment atmosphere. Color is white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; shape long, round, size and size of different sizes. Because the shape of exquisite small, very decorative. So in general, more in a variety of combinations placed in a more decorative place, from the details of the owner reflects the exquisite life and unique taste. In the choice of weight in the shape of the grade and the resulting light and shadow effects, because it is a typical decorative lighting, the brightness level may not be too much to consider. Spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or the upper part of the furniture, can also be placed in the wall, wall or skirting line.

1, energy: the same power LED lamp power consumption is only 10% of incandescent, but also energy saving than fluorescent.

2, long life: LED lamp beads can work 50,000 hours, longer than fluorescent and incandescent.

3, dimmable: the previous dimmer has been for incandescent, incandescent dimmed when the light red; it is difficult to see the fluorescent dimmer, which is dimming technology for many years did not develop the main reason; And can be dimmed, and both bright and dark light are the same color (color temperature basically unchanged), which is significantly better than incandescent dimming.

4, can be frequent switch: LED life is calculated when lit, even if the switch thousands of times per second does not affect the LED life, in the decoration and other needs of frequent occasions off, LED lights have an absolute advantage.

5, rich colors: there are white, warm white, red, green, blue and other colors, whether it is used in the living room under the lights for small lights or neon lights, are very bright.

6, low heat: like spotlights, a lot of 220V spotlights with a few days is not broken because of fever. 12V halogen spotlights heat less than 220V spotlights, but there are due to lack of power transformer and other reasons, its brightness can not reach the nominal value. With LED lighting, no transformer can work for a long time.

The LED provides a half-width monochromatic light. Since the bandgap of the semiconductor decreases with increasing temperature, the peak wavelength of the emission increases with increasing temperature, that is, the red shift of the spectrum and the temperature coefficient is +2 ~ 3A /. LED luminous brightness L is proportional to the forward current. The current increases, the luminous brightness is also approximately increased.

Applications: LED lighting is mainly used for decoration, commercial space lighting and architectural lighting, with the development and progress of LED technology, LED lamp on the market performance advantage is very prominent, the use of high purity aluminum reflector, the most accurate beam , The best reflection effect; symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric and other light distribution system, and the projection lamps are attached to the scale plate, people can adjust the scale according to the scale easy to adjust. In addition, in order to facilitate maintenance, LED projection lamp behind the use of open-type replacement bulbs. Lighting decorative effect of first-class, LED flood light can achieve gradient, jump, color flicker, random flashing, gradient alternation and chase, scan and other dynamic effects. LED projection lights and LED underwater lights, LED buried lights, LED wall washer can be used independently, can also be used interchangeably, resulting in more changes in the effect, and LED projection lamp is mainly used for single building, historical buildings Exterior lighting, green landscape lighting, building outside the light through the lighting, billboard lighting and other special lighting facilities, as well as bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues lighting, the market development prospects.