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LED Spotlights Strong And Unique
Oct 18, 2017

The use of spotlights like a flashlight, widely used, LED Spotlights indoor and outdoor can be used, because the different varieties, so the use is also different. Spotlights in the business license highlights the advantages of spotlights on the space, color, the actual situation are very strong and unique. It is the new trend, compared with other lamps, there is a relative advantage. Whether it is heavy or light and understatement, without losing the elegant grace, gorgeous space fun and mood, and can often become new, LED Spotlights always full of interest, relaxed and happy, beautiful. Spotlights both for the main lighting, but also as an auxiliary light source.

Components: LED spotlights mainly by the shell, lamp beads, aluminum plate, drive composition, specific analysis: LED lighting shell: paint, plating two shell package, LED Spotlights including lamp cover, lamp cup, base, aluminum plate, lens, screw Applicable to MR16, GU10 lotus-like, beautiful, generous heat dissipation is good. LED light bulb: six feet RGB, spotlights dedicated, red: 40lm; green: 60lm; blue: 15lm; are used 350 mA current. LED lighting drive: input voltage (220V) constant current output, LED Spotlights to ensure the safety of high-power LED.

LED lighting refers to the light is the direction of the (directional) LED bulbs, the main types of MR16, GU10, PAR series. LED bulb is the light emitted for the divergent LED bulbs, the main type is E27 base.

According to the power to points, LED bulbs can be divided into: low power (mainly 5mm LED production) and high power (mainly 1W, 3W, or even 5W LED production). LED Spotlights At the same time, the market, there are also high power (for example, 50W of LED lighting), but this has not been market test, there is no big market.

Among them, low-power LED spotlights, bulb for the earliest design and production of LED bulbs, has been large-scale use, but the quality varies greatly. Such bulbs are mainly sold on foreign retail websites.

And high-power LED spotlights, bulb for the last 2-3 years only large-scale use and promotion, in general, than the low-power LED bulbs stabilized many; with high-power LED prices, LED Spotlights high-power LED Light bulbs will become the mainstream market.

As the LED market is now the channel effect is not obvious. LED bulb buyers are no obvious features, that is, the procurement of LED products (especially the application of products) are likely to purchase LED bulbs. But do lighting lighting buyers, the main procurement LED display, wall washer, LED Spotlights guardrail and the like, the possibility of buying LED bulbs is not.

Buyers are mainly distributors (such as LEDsign.dk), online stores (such as theledlight.com), building lighting engineering (excled, com, ledsource.com) and energy-saving system to do the transformation (such customers are also selling solar energy product). No matter what kind of buyers, LED Spotlights are likely to often receive a small project in the local (such as a store to change the LED lights, such as a window to change the LED lights).