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LED Spotlights The Use Of
Aug 30, 2017

LED products are widely used today, a wide variety, and today we come to introduce the more common LED lighting, I believe many people have a certain understanding of LED lighting, then we take a look at today's LED lighting applications which.

Spotlight is a typical without the main lights, no scale of the modern genre lighting, can create indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combined, the light can change the wonderful pattern. As the small spotlights can freely change the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also ever-changing. Spotlight light soft, elegant, it can also be local lighting, contrast atmosphere.


The use of spotlights like a flashlight, usually used for outdoor use. Indoor use also, because the variety is different, so the use is also different. Spotlights in the business license highlights the advantages of spotlights on the space, color, the actual situation are very strong and unique. It is the new trend, compared with other lamps, there is a relative advantage. Whether it is heavy or light and understatement, without losing the elegant grace, gorgeous space fun and mood, and can often become new, always full of interest, relaxed and happy, beautiful. Spotlights both for the main lighting, but also as an auxiliary light source.

 Application place

1, used in home lighting, commercial shop decoration lighting.

2, entertainment lighting, auxiliary lighting and other places.

3, stores, hotels, cafes.

Installation and use

Installation of led lighting, the transformer is generally installed in the hole inside, there is no insecurity. Because the ceiling in the large space, good heat dissipation.

First, the installation of led spotlights common problem is that some workers in the early construction, the power cord is not arranged, resulting in the ceiling, the lights can not find the line, so pay attention to the location of the line layout it is good. Requires electricians to work well with carpentry.

Second, another problem is that some of the light hole excavation is not accurate, resulting in size or spacing around before and so inconsistent, looking awkward.

Third, the hole due to the height of the ceiling and the formation of the depth, the depth to be able to put into the led spotlights. If not enough, causing the lamp can not be installed. Therefore, the ceiling should be considered when the use of what kind of led spotlights.