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Lighting Market Trends
May 11, 2016

Lighting in the home/commercial electricity consumption accounts for a large proportion, about 17%, the consumption of a lot of waste of resources, carbon dioxide emissions, global warming and other issues. Therefore, on a global scale, the demand for green, energy-efficient lighting systems in gradually increasing with the development and improvement of lighting sources, gradually reduce lighting power consumption, power consumption of the LED only 1/8 the incandescent lamp. Meanwhile, lighting systems using various types of communication, sensor of intelligent lighting control system, improve the application efficiency.
Japan in 1998, launched the "21st century lighting" project aims to LED technology for lighting energy efficiency to twice times the traditional fluorescent lamp. Korea, the European Union and United States have also put forward their own lighting plan. There are a number of semiconductor lighting related to the upcoming national standards, industry standards, relevant supporting policies of the Ministry of finance is mulling semiconductor lighting. Led lighting demonstration project on government procurement the pace is accelerating.