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Outdoor Lighting Important Principle
Jun 23, 2017

Outdoor sports on the requirements of the lighting tool is "ready to use", poor reliability of the lighting tools, at a critical moment can not work is fatal, Outdoor Lighting the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle of selecting outdoor sports lighting tools.

Relative to the home, Outdoor Lighting the first problem in the outdoors is to solve the waterproof, reassuring waterproof standards of course, is IPX-8, soaked in shallow water (usually within 2 meters) can be used normally, of course, against the rain , In a sense, waterproof is also part of the content of outdoor reliability

Outdoor flashlight to do as small as possible, Outdoor Lighting light weight, go out to carry does not increase the weight, save energy, the general personal outdoor flashlight is best controlled within 100g. Of course, Outdoor Lighting strong outdoor flashlight is required to give greater cost in terms of weight and volume

Outdoor activities can not carry a lot of batteries, so try to use high-efficiency flashlight, to ensure adequate brightness and long life time. It is best to have a low profile can reach dozens of hours of flashlight, in order to prepare for extreme cases can be continuous every night for more than a week.

Outdoor activities, complex environment, Outdoor Lighting who can not guarantee that you will face what kind of situation, in the need for high brightness lighting, flashlight is powerless is very dangerous. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is essential lighting tools, especially for the unfamiliar sections of the exploration, Outdoor Lighting the maximum brightness of the best flashlight more than 100 lumens.

Multi-dimensional dimming technology, and finally the brightness and life time for fish and bear's paw on the same flashlight. You can in the camp, walking, search and other different uses to choose the most appropriate brightness, while reasonable to save valuable electricity. Outdoor Lighting At the same time, multi-file dimming technology also derived from a lot of auxiliary functions, such as SOS distress signal, you can send a distress when you encounter a dangerous password, to search and rescue for help.

In the flashlight work at the same time, the battery with the energy consumption of the voltage is getting lower and lower, the brightness of conventional flashlight also will decline, the lighting effect gradually worse, and other flashlight brightness to a certain extent has been unable to provide the appropriate lighting, only replacement Battery, and this time the battery is still a small half of the electricity, so this part of the power wasted. The presence of constant brightness technology solves this problem, and constant light flashlight can ignore the change in battery voltage and provide almost constant brightness at most times, not only improving the lighting effect, Outdoor Lighting but also making full use of the battery's power The

Outdoor flashlight is best to use in the world, even if the small village shops can buy the battery, in most cases with this feature is the ideal battery is AA batteries.