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Outdoor Lighting Independent Structure
Oct 18, 2017

Outdoor lighting is used in outdoor lighting, for example, parks, Outdoor Lighting squares, both sides of the road and outdoor advertising lights. Requirements to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and get decorative effect.

Outdoor lighting mainly include: high pole lights, road lights, lawn lamps, garden lights, tunnel lights, floodlights, underwater lights, wall washer, landscape lights, LED tree lights, buried lights, these are collectively referred to as outdoor light.

Generally refers to more than 15 meters steel column pole and high-power combination of lighthouse constitute a new type of lighting device. It consists of the lamp cap, the internal lighting electrical, the rod and the base part. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, the surrounding environment, Outdoor Lighting lighting needs specific; internal lamps and more by the floodlights and cast light composition, light source with NG400 high pressure sodium lamp, lighting radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally cylindrical type structure, made of steel plate rolling, height of 25-40 meters, more than 25 meters steel column pole and high power combination lighthouse constitute a new lighting device.

Wall lamp types and styles are more, generally equipped with milky white glass, pickled glass, pit UV acrylic, PC lampshade and so on. The lamp body is made of flat iron welded, Outdoor Lighting the size of the specifications may be based on the requirements of guests, but also die-casting aluminum alloy, such as supplier mold production, according to the data provided by suppliers, may be with E27, E14, GU24 Lamp, lamp power more than 15-40 watts or so, line elegant and harmonious, can be decorated with elegant environment, rich, Outdoor Lighting especially in the wedding room is particularly suitable. Remarks generally do not contain light bulbs, guests can use energy-saving light bulbs, LED light bulbs and so on.

Cast light, so that the designated illuminated illumination is higher than the surrounding environment lamps. Also known as spotlight. Normally, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Mainly used for large-scale work field mine, Outdoor Lighting building contours, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all outdoor use of large area lighting can be seen as a cast light. The angle of the exit light of the spotlight is broad and narrow, ranging from 0 ° to 180 °, where the beam is particularly narrow and called the searchlight.

Composition: The spotlight consists of optical parts, Outdoor Lighting mechanical parts and electrical parts. The optical components are mainly reflectors and shading pieces that limit light. Mechanical parts are mainly housings, as well as fixed and adjust the location of the light source of the focusing mechanism, fixed fixture bracket, base and with the angle of the adjustment of the direction of the light beam projection parts. For most of the closed-type cast light, mechanical parts and protective glass and a variety of seals. Outdoor Lighting According to the needs of the use of the environment, and some also with a metal mesh cover. The well-behaved cast light is also equipped with an air filter.