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Outdoor Lighting Long Lasting
Nov 01, 2017

Outdoor lighting mainly include: high pole lights, road lights, lawn lamps, garden lights, tunnel lights, floodlights, underwater lights, wall washer, landscape lights, LED tree lights, Outdoor Lighting buried lights, these are collectively referred to as outdoor light.

Lamps Description: The light plate skeleton is made of high quality steel, hot-dip galvanized, fastener bolts, nuts for non-illuminated lamps are used in outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting for example, parks, squares, roads on both sides and outdoor advertising lights. Requirements to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and get decorative effect. Made of quality steel, hot galvanized, fastener bolts, Outdoor Lighting nuts for stainless steel.

Outdoor lighting features: Compared with home lighting, outdoor lighting has large power, strong brightness, large size, long life, low maintenance costs.Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting control is divided into: manual control, light control, time control and computer control.

Traditional LED light sources are commonly used in the market, and blue light (wavelength 420nm) is converted to visible light (wavelength 555nm) by yellow phosphor. Blu-ray LED light attenuation is much faster than red, yellow, green LED, and yellow phosphor is very volatile at high temperatures, Outdoor Lighting coupled with exposure to heat and blue light band, yellow phosphor and lens material with time and aging Yellowing, resulting in differences between the color and performance of lamps, lumen maintenance rate is relatively low, and the emergence of light fades, color temperature deviation, light color and other adverse effects. Outdoor Lighting Although most of the LED lamps nominal 50,000 hours of life, often not long after the installation will be more and more light intensity, more and more serious light failure, and even lead to light when the light is not bright, part of the bright part of the phenomenon is not bright.

The difference between the traditional light source technology, the other is the use of red plus indigo mixed LED light source, the chip part of the blue light than the ordinary LED 40% less, LM-80 (light 6,000 hours test) reported lumen maintenance rate of 99% , Outdoor Lighting It is estimated that 50,000 hours lumen maintenance rate will not be less than 98%.

With the LED chip technology continues to update the development, although not like the previous need for large volume of heat sink to solve the problem of LED cooling, but need to withstand the storms and other adverse weather test of outdoor lighting, the reasonable high level Structural design is still essential.

To street lamps, for example, Outdoor Lighting light distribution design is based on the driver's perspective to consider whether the road light efficiency is sufficient brightness and uniformity to ensure the safety of night driving, to avoid glare and "zebra effect." Ordinary LED street light distribution with more light source distribution, will form a spot and ghosting, two LED lights are likely to produce a dark corner, Outdoor Lighting that is, LED lights "zebra effect."

Professional LED lights with the light will be through the precise optical design, the use of reflectors will point light source into a rectangular surface light source injection, to ensure uniform diffusion, to avoid the "zebra effect."