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Outdoor Lighting The Best Results
Aug 14, 2017

Outdoor lighting installed in the outdoors, long-term withstand the snow and ice, Outdoor Lighting wind and rain lightning test, to ensure long-term stability of the lamp work, Outdoor Lighting lighting waterproof technology is critical. At present, the waterproof technology of lighting is mainly divided into structural waterproof and waterproof material.

Structure waterproof, Outdoor Lighting is in the product after the combination of structural components, already have a waterproof function. Waterproof design based on the structure of the lamp, need to closely fit the silicone seal waterproof, the shell structure is more sophisticated, waterproof level can reach IP67 level. This waterproof design is usually suitable for large-sized lamps, such as strip floodlights, Outdoor Lighting square or round cast light and other high-power lamps.

Material waterproof, is the glue material bonding or potting to achieve waterproof. Adhesive seal Commonly used one-component silicone, generally used for wire ends, shell structure between the adhesive seal. Lamps are used to glue the main silicone, epoxy resin and PU plastic, Outdoor Lighting the use of plastic dot on the colloidal elasticity, anti-UV, high and low temperature and high hydrophobic requirements. At present, most of the organic pottery pottery pottery, the best results.

Outdoor lighting is used in outdoor lighting, for example, parks, squares, Outdoor Lighting both sides of the road and outdoor advertising lights. Requirements to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and get decorative effect.

Outdoor lighting, including: high pole lights, road lights, lawn lamps, garden lights, tunnel lights, floodlights, underwater lights, wall washer, landscape lights, LED tree lights, buried lights, these are collectively referred to as outdoor light.

Features: beautiful shape, with a strong decorative, lighting area, Outdoor Lighting lighting effect, light source concentration, uniform lighting, glare small, easy to control, maintenance. Poles, are generally used cone tube, material: Shanghai Baosteel Q235A carbon steel referred to as Q235 steel, Q235 is a model of steel, each type of steel in addition to iron contains different elements, Outdoor Lighting different steel hardness is NAK80, NAKH-9, etc., from 6 yuan / KG-600 yuan / lb, Q235 as the most common steel, the price is cheap, the price is very different, such as 45 # ace just, D2 steel, S136 high-speed steel NAK55, NAK80, , Low hardness, Outdoor Lighting good ductility, better processing, cone tube are used in this material and more.

In general, the traditional street lamp manufacturers pay more attention to the appearance design, how to use the appearance of the lamp and the surrounding environment to do, Outdoor Lighting is the traditional value of these traditional street lamp manufacturers. But with the progress of technology, Outdoor Lighting intelligent control concept can not be less, and even combined with road monitoring and other multi-purpose use.