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Safety Design Of LED Drive Power Is A Top Priority
May 11, 2016

LED lighting for indoor use, using relatively simple and relatively stable power supply voltage/current supply, take basic overvoltage, overload and short circuit and high temperature power on/off load design is pretty enough, but is set in outdoor LED lights, landscape lighting, Garden lights, only to have the basic driver safety is still inadequate. Outdoor lights with maximum power challenge still lies in the power of unstable lightning weather and rainy days, which will make the drive circuit supply voltage instability prone component aging, that part of the problem driven by high environmental tolerance of advanced components that are available to improve the life of power supply problems, and lightning question would have to be targeted to improve the solution.
For easy lightning, and rainy day more of regional, outdoor lamps are should strengthened anti-mine bursting wave protection (SPD) design, so-called anti-mine bursting wave protection uses is, dang fell mine unfortunately hit street or made King lamps Shi (open area high of lamp usually will on fell mine formed best introduction mine path), through SPD protection design can will moments high bursting wave import lamp shell or scored power line Shi, produced corresponds to protection role, and SPD component except can on Lightning bursting wave phenomenon produced protection role outside, For ESD (Electrostatic Discharge;ESD) will also achieve the protective effect.