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Solution Of LED Epitaxial Wafer Growth Process
Nov 27, 2016

A silicon crystal column, first of all need to be very high purity silicon ore into the furnace, and adding metal material preset, the silicon crystal column produced with electric characteristic requirements, then to silicon crystal column all material melt and then grow into crystals, the following will all grow into crystal column do the process:

Long grain main program:

1, melt (MELtDown)

This process is placed in the quartz crucible in bulk polycrystalline silicon heating system is higher than 1420 degrees Celsius above the melting temperature, the supply of the most important parameters in this stage, the location and heat the crucible, if the larger power used to melt the polycrystalline silicon, quartz crucible of life will be reduced, and the process of power is too low is the melting time is too long, affecting the overall production capacity.

2, neck growth (Growth Neck)

When the temperature stability of silicon melt slurry, the crystal direction gradually injected into the liquid, then will the seed to move up, and reduced to a certain diameter (about 6mm), maintain the diameter and lengthen 10-20cm, to eliminate the seed in the row difference (dislocation), the zero row difference (dislocation-free) the control is mainly confined in the neck of the row difference will grow.