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Study On LED Epoxy Resin Encapsulating Material
Nov 22, 2016

1 Introduction

The light emitting diode as a small power, long service life, small energy loss of light emitting devices, the rise in the country has nearly twenty years of time, because of the special performance superiority, is gradually replacing the original light emitting device, used in industrial and civilian corners. Especially with the shortage of human energy, the market prospect is very considerable. In recent years, the application scope of LED in industrial and civil construction, city lighting engineering, more and more widely. It is reported that the civilian light-emitting diode chip has been successfully developed in the future, the foreseeable future, your home decoration will also use light-emitting diodes to light.

2 Overview

At present, LED more and more manufacturers, mainly in the mid-range products accounted for nearly 50% of the market, about 40% of the high-grade market is still occupied by foreign enterprises, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thus, the market outlook is still very impressive LED. It also provides opportunities for the development of domestic materials manufacturers, such as chip, epoxy resin encapsulant, mold (mold grain), support etc..

Epoxy resin packaging material, there are about 50% of the market is mainly dependent on imports, the high-grade market. Like Sichuan, Yu, trihexyphenidyl, EPFINE and so on force basically occupy the high-end market. The domestic Shao Hui group earlier production of LED epoxy resin encapsulant, emerged in recent years as Shunde ACR, LAN-STAR, Changsha Jiangyin magnitude production enterprises, but domestic enterprises basically maintained at a relatively low level of packaging material production, production is also small, high-end products demand is still long way to go. The market is welcome to have the strength of domestic enterprises and research institutions to develop and produce high-grade epoxy resin materials.